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Center Of Pestilence

(BarrelOf Monkeys)

13 January 1946
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Of Pestilence

Of Monkeys)

There was a lot more that was done behind the scenes, things in development that is yet to be released, and much that shall remain hidden, but here's a short list of what I had my hands in in 2007:

The year kicked off with a podcast and a declaration that "...we're going to be shaking things up in -07..."

Cognitive Dissonance Pod V: Corrode and Engulf

The folks at Alterati somehow let me slip into the kickoff of the Gspot podcast in the guise of Swami Swampa Vivaconundrum:

The G-Spot Pilot Episode

The G-Spot Episode #4 In addition to your loving host, this show features the voice acting talents of P. Emerson Williams and Anna Young, and the music includes much atmospheric material from Veil of Thorns and Ariana van Gelder.

The Fallen Nation Webcomic I completed one comic that looks like it may never be seen, storyboarded another which will not be drawn by me. No other comix on the immediate horizon, unless someone who wants to do something unusual in comic form makes a proposition.

Two audiobooks, and another started:

The Incunabula Papers- Platinum 20 Year Anniversary Audio Book Edition

El Centro & OMEGA: The Audiobook

Fallen Nation: Audiobook Prologue (Chapters shall be released in regular episodes.)

Three musical releases:

Manes - How the world came to an end</a> vocals and sound structures,

subQtaneous - Some Still Despair In A Prozac Nation, vox, psychovox, guitar, cello,

Veil of Thorns - Cognitive Dissonance all but the drums, which were supplied by the mighty James Curcio.

The current project ("Stalker Variations") was commenced, and I should be starting the posting of the painting stage this month.

Did we shake things up? It was a tough year for a lot of us, but things were put in motion that will bear sweet fruit and we all know ourselves much better than ever. What I want from myself this year is for me to be more communicative with all of you, rather than just showing up now and then to throw media at you and disappear into my batcave again.

There is nothing but love here, after all.

P. Emerson Williams has moved well beyond the blind flailings of little experiments upon which much needless speculation has been heaped.

And may I say that it seems that it is those with the loosest sense of any subject who go on at most length. Hope you like the pictures, music, audio theatre and whatev er else that flows from me.

What you see here is a small part of what I do. Below are links to a few of the aspects of recent works and activities:

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Ong's Hat

Mythos Media

JIVEMagazine.com - P. Emerson Williams: Notes From The Underground

Chasing the Wish

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